An Apron & Rubber Gloves

I dislike getting filthy. Messy…sure. Dirty…okay. But filthy..NO. The idea of being covered in filth or slime just freaks me out. I won’t pretend to speak for all women, but I’m sure many would agree with me. And the beautiful thing is that guys love getting filthy. Well…most guys…there are exceptions.

Look, I don’t mind having bread dough or meatloaf covering my fingers, and the thought of sticking my hand in a turkey doesn’t freak me out. I’ll clean a toilet without gloves, gut and scale a fish, change a baby’s diapers, and get dirt under my fingernails from working in the garden.

I dress down to clean the house. I wear an apron when I cook. I have a special set of clothes covered in 432 shades of paint. And NOW…I have pellet stove cleaning clothes.

You must be sick and tired of hearing me talk about my pellet stove. Too bad. I had to clean it this past weekend and I don’t have a great need to suffer alone. If more women had to clean pellet stoves, and get covered from head to toe in ash, someone would invent a self-cleaning pellet stove.

Men like getting dirty. So dirty they use lava rocks and turpentine to scrub their hands. What’s that about? I’m thankful when the pellet stove is clean, I just wish I wasn’t the one with ash up my nose. I hereby embrace traditional gender roles. Viva la difference!

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