Rotary Phones, Albums, & Dial-Up

The wireless network I was using a few weeks ago here in Greece is gone. My laptop card can’t get a signal and using it would cost a fortune. I asked the young man, Giorgos (George), who lives downstairs what he uses for internet connection and he began to explain. He told me I could buy access from the local kiosk where they sell newspapers and stuff. I was confused so he went to get his access card. A card with instructions and a username and password. He then demonstrated how he disconnected the cord from the phone and plugged it in to his hard drive. His English is good and when I said, “You use dial-up?” He smiled and said yes. I honestly thought he was describing some new method of connectivity I had never used.

We visited the kiosk and bought 20 hours of connectivity. It took me a few minutes to remember how to use dial-up, but I got it working. I never thought I’d get excited at the sound of my modem dialing out – but I did. And now we have access in our little flat.

When I told my sister Paula we were back up and running with dial-up, she asked if we were in Ancient Greece. We’re connected and I’m a happy girl.

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