Just for the Bargain!

A few weeks ago, I went looking for some colorful mugs. I found my way to the Sur la Table website and fell in love the Oxford mug – it comes in many colors. Unfortunately, it was not within my price range. I abandoned my cart and walked away, which is, coincidentally, something I do in my brick and mortar life, too.

Today, in what I’m calling a brilliant marketing concept, Sur La Table emailed me to say, “We Just Dropped the Price on Something You Like.”
Yes! They did. And they dropped the price by a little more than half. I wouldn’t have gone back to the site to check; but they won me over with that email AND that price.


I’m a happy, loyal, customer woman! And, I sent an email telling them how much I loved their idea. I will continue to shop at Sur La Table, and will more than likely abandon a few carts along the way; nevertheless, I will gladly go back for a bargain and great customer service. So thankful! #brilliant marketing


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