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Back in 1990-something, my friend Craig and I walked in to Five Star Thai Cuisine, a small restaurant in downtown San Diego. He’d been there a few times before me so he knew the menu and proceeded to walk me through it. We were mesmerized by the Mee Krob and ordered it every time we visited the restaurant. Needless to say, we were very disappointed when Five Star closed its doors. At that time, there were no other Thai restaurants in the area. The memory of that Mee Krob has haunted me for years and years. Though I’ve eaten in many Thai restaurants since then, I’ve never been able to find it on a menu.

ThaiFood As I was walking through the pages of Judy Bastyra & Becky Johnson’s, Thai Food and Cooking, A fiery and exotic cuisine: the traditions, techniques, ingredients and recipes (Anness Publishing Ltd 2003,2010), I came across a recipe for Mee Krob (pg. 210) and here’s the recipe intro:

The name of this dish means “deep-fried noodles” and it is very popular in Thailand. The taste is a stunning combination of sweet and hot, salty and sour, while the texture contrives to be both crisp and chewy. To some Western palates, it may seem rather unusual, but this delicious dish is well worth making.

I really enjoyed this recipe book. It’s oversized, 12″x9″, and filled will beautiful food images. The authors take you into a Thai kitchen and introduce you to the simple ingredients found in the pantry – almost 40 pages of tasty info. I liked this section: the notes, pictures, and instructions. The recipes are relatively simple, the ingredients – perhaps a bit difficult to find in your average grocery store – add a depth of flavor not found in most dishes.

herbsthaiThe recipes are broken down in to the usual categories including a chapter on rice dishes and one for noodle dishes. The appetizer and snack chapter took me by surprise. A very, very delightful bunch of tasty morsels that I fully intend to test on friends and family at my earliest convenience. IMHO, there are no loser recipes in this collection. My hat is off to the authors for a lovely work of art and a great collection of recipes.


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