Do Re Me Fa So Long Lala

lala_7For the last few years, my music needs have been met by I logged on and listened from work every day, took Lala to parties, and relaxed at home with playlists to meet any mood. While Lala started out as a CD swapping site, it morphed in to something fabulous and had the potential for much, much more. It’s been called a cloud-based site where, basically, your music resides out there somewhere in the sky.

Unlike iTunes, the Lala website was super speedy to negotiate, the layout was clean, oozing white space, and music was clearly the main attraction. The social aspects of Lala were fun, not pushy, but plentiful. You could follow another listener’s taste in music, read their reviews, listen to their playlists, follow their suggestions, and watch the most popular music rise to the top.

Lala gave you the option of uploading your own music or searching for more. My favorite aspect, by far, was the ability to listen to an entire album for free. Let’s face it, 30 seconds a song, such as iTunes offers, isn’t enough to get the true vibe of an album. My second favorite aspect is the ability to buy a web-based song for $0.10 – which means you can listen to the song as many times as you want online. In addition, you could buy the entire album for web-based use. And…MP3s for about $0.89 a piece or the whole album for about $8.99.

I will miss Lala and I’m so thankful for the best two musical years of my life. I’ve learned so much more about music, opened up my mind to genres I’d ignored in the past, and enjoyed the large collection of Christmas music available. Unfortunately, Apple got their greedy little hands on Lala and tonight they’re shutting the site down. Thankfully, in an uncharacteristic manner, Apple is refunding the “web-based” funds we’ve invested in Lala, for use on iTunes, but I’m really disappointed because iTunes is messy, cluttered, navigation sucks, and it’s super, super slow and clunky. Hopefully, Apple with keep the best parts of Lala and spit out the bits of iTunes that make exploring music less tasty.

Fortunately, I was able to copy all my playlists so all is not lost and the music will continue.

Here’s to Lala! A brilliant way to celebrate music.


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