Road Trip

Amanda called shotgun.

You’ve gotta love a road trip that requires a passport. Amanda and I are taking off tomorrow for Bellingham, Washington. No, we don’t need passports for Washington. We will; however, need them for Canada. Vancouver, B.C., baby. My good friend, Craig, is letting us hang out with him at his fabulous house. I’ve talked him in to a mini-trip to Grandville Island Public Market in Vancouver. I’m taking my camera because Mr. LaMoreaux has inspired me with all those Paris photos.

Amanda and I could both use a change of scenery and eight hours of drive time should sufficiently meet the need. Though spring has barely sprung, Stevens Pass is open and the weather looks like it will grant us a lovely little adventure across Washington. We’ll stop in Leavenworth just long enough for a cute attack.

My niece, Amanda, minus her look-alike (it’ll be strange without you Chelsea), is bringing DVDs for a little entertainment (I don’t know who she thinks she’s kidding. She’ll be asleep before we hit Spokane.) And…must needs be we both bring our laptops. She’ll want to stop for coffee several times, which as a result, will require several stops at gas stations, to buy gas, or not.

I’ve got an iPod filled with books and music, though I’m sure “the ban” is still in effect. I’m not allowed to listen to music on my iPod when others are around because, well, I find the need to sing. Loudly. Okay, and I dance, too. Yes, even when I’m driving. Hello! You can take the girl outta Rialto, but you can’t take Rialto out of the girl.

After a couple of days in Bellingham we’re coming home. We’re returning through Seattle and down through Snoqualmie Pass with a quick stop at the Glondo’s Sausage & Italian Market in Cle Elum. I’m bringing the cooler to make sure the soprassata. salami, and sausage, isn’t visited by Uncle Sal Monella.

Yes, Dad. I’ll drive safely. And Mom, I’ll bring back butter from Trader Joe’s. And Paula, I’ll bring back candles from Ikea. Let me know if I’ve forgotten anything.


3 Responses to “Road Trip”

  1. Paula C. on June 8th, 2008

    Hi Lucy,
    I just wandered onto your blog and I just love it! You know a blog is going to be good when it involves road trips and passports! Plus, you’re really funny!
    I’m adding it to my favorites! Thanks!
    Paula Casebolt

  2. Paula C. on June 8th, 2008

    . . .ooo, and a Vincent fan to boot! Lovely!

  3. lucyzoe on June 9th, 2008

    Hey Paula,
    A road trip, involving a passport AND Vincent would be even better. Thanks for stopping by.

    Lucy Zoe

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