Road Trip

Amanda called shotgun.

You’ve gotta love a road trip that requires a passport. Amanda and I are taking off tomorrow for Bellingham, Washington. No, we don’t need passports for Washington. We will; however, need them for Canada. Vancouver, B.C., baby. My good friend, Craig, is letting us hang out with him at his fabulous house. I’ve talked him in to a mini-trip to Grandville Island Public Market in Vancouver. I’m taking my camera because Mr. LaMoreaux has inspired me with all those Paris photos.

Amanda and I could both use a change of scenery and eight hours of drive time should sufficiently meet the need. Though spring has barely sprung, Stevens Pass is open and the weather looks like it will grant us a lovely little adventure across Washington. We’ll stop in Leavenworth just long enough for a cute attack.

My niece, Amanda, minus her look-alike (it’ll be strange without you Chelsea), is bringing DVDs for a little entertainment (I don’t know who she thinks she’s kidding. She’ll be asleep before we hit Spokane.) And…must needs be we both bring our laptops. She’ll want to stop for coffee several times, which as a result, will require several stops at gas stations, to buy gas, or not.

I’ve got an iPod filled with books and music, though I’m sure “the ban” is still in effect. I’m not allowed to listen to music on my iPod when others are around because, well, I find the need to sing. Loudly. Okay, and I dance, too. Yes, even when I’m driving. Hello! You can take the girl outta Rialto, but you can’t take Rialto out of the girl.

After a couple of days in Bellingham we’re coming home. We’re returning through Seattle and down through Snoqualmie Pass with a quick stop at the Glondo’s Sausage & Italian Market in Cle Elum. I’m bringing the cooler to make sure the soprassata. salami, and sausage, isn’t visited by Uncle Sal Monella.

Yes, Dad. I’ll drive safely. And Mom, I’ll bring back butter from Trader Joe’s. And Paula, I’ll bring back candles from Ikea. Let me know if I’ve forgotten anything.

Was I Right or Was I Right?

I’m just sayin’. David Archuleta is cute in a Mouseketeer kinda way. But the kid is not ready for prime time. I will admit if the competition was based on *only* the performances Tuesday, little David stepped up to the mic and even managed to growl in one song. He sang his heart out and he wanted it badly.

I wanted Syesha Mercado to be in the final two, and I was very disappointed when she was eliminated. Her performance tonight, with Seal, was pretty hot. And speaking of hot, somebody’s been feeding Seal and he’s looking all grown up. Heidi’s a very lucky woman.

Now Mr. Cook, *sigh*, he’s is a triple threat. He’s got a great voice, he knows how to work the mic and stage, and he’s got that “something” that all great performers have.

Back on March 12th, I picked Cook to win, and he just kept getting better and better each week. I would have liked to see him pick different songs for the final performance, but he still sang like a rock star.

Tonight, David Cook sang Sharp Dressed Man with ZZ Top, and played his Les Paul guitar, and he was fantastic. The guy *is* a rock star AND now he’s the 2008 American Idol champion.

Hey Chris, I wish you could have been here to share the finale, but Paris is quite the excuse.

Happy Birthday Amanda and Chelsea

It’s difficult for me to believe that these beautiful babies are all grown up. When did it happen? Today, Amanda and Chelsea are nineteen years old. I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of my brother and Paula…they have raised two incredible young women.

Just a few days from now, Amanda and Chelsea will be finishing their junior year at New St. Andrews College. Good grief…they’re almost seniors. Honestly, it seems like only yesterday they were learning to read.

I like that they speak their minds, have a great sense of humor, aren’t the least bit silly, are highly creative, and have a deep, deep love for the things of God. I love to be in their company – they make me laugh. At the same time, they make me want to be a better person.

I’m so thankful for Amanda and Chelsea. For their love, for their patience with me, and for the way they expect me to be involved in their lives. There’s no place else I’d rather be.

In the top picture, Amanda is on the left and Chelsea is on the right. The bottom picture was taken at Ristorante La Lanterna in Sorrento, Italy. Amanda is on the left and Chelsea is on the right. After a day of intense Italian sunshine, we relaxed with a few glasses of wine and great food. Here’s to our next adventure.

I love you Amanda Renee. I love you Chelsea Albret. Aunt Lucy

The Beauty of Costco

I needed to make a quick trip to Lewiston with a birthday related task. Paula and Gabe came with me and we did a little shopping at Costco.

Gabe, bless his heart, loves the “samples” at Costco. Ugh! Not a chance I’m eating one.

Gabe fell in love with a pallet full of foot-long fruit things. Despite that adorable face, he didn’t manage to convince his Mother to buy any. Instead, he became the proud owner of a foot-long churro covered in cinnamon and sugar. Most of the cinnamony sugar ended up on my back seat. But…giving props where props are due…he got the dust buster and sucked the mess up like a pro.




Eat Your Books