2,300 Pennies For Your Thoughts

Today I mailed off my $23.00 to the State of Idaho.

I don’t mind paying for things I use, things I value. I’ll pay $23.00 for a bottle of wine, DirecTv, police services, a leg of lamb, my car, a cookbook, fire fighters, cell phone usage, electricity, my mortgage, lunch with Gabe, water, and a few more things. If I can’t see where my money is going I’m hesitant to let go of it.

Here’s an idea. How about you let me choose where my taxes go? I don’t want to subsidize ash trays on submarines or an anti-drug program for the National Guard. I want the option to “Just Say No!”

And does anybody check that box on the tax form to donate $1.00 $3.00 to a presidential campaign? Who? How do I find out how much they make from that little box?

I stapled a money order to the state forms and mailed those pesky things off. The lady at the post office asked me why I only used one staple. She said, “if it was me, I’d put seven staples in it.” The thing is, I’m smart enough to know that irritating the tax person is an incredibly foolish thing to do. I sure wish I knew how that $23.00 was going to be used.


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