Well…It’s About Time

I needed a blog change. UpSaid has been a great tool and I’m thankful it was available when I started blogging. So, I cast off the old colors and wanted something fresh and clean. A special thanks to Austin Storm who encouraged me to test my skills and try something new. So Austin…what do ya think?


5 Responses to “Well…It’s About Time”

  1. Valerie (Kyriosity) on March 29th, 2008

    Well, lookit you. Your own domain and everything. And comments…woohoo!

  2. Mackenzie on March 29th, 2008

    Oooh you’re very own website! It’s very chic.

  3. Moriah Barach on March 29th, 2008

    I’ve often thought of moving over to John’s other domain (Barach.us) but I don’t know how to move my archives either! Don’t want to lose them.

    Like all of your links on this site….especially the food links. :-)

  4. lucyzoe on March 29th, 2008

    Hey Moriah,
    I’ve been working on the archives for awhile – trying different tech things. So far I’ve been using w.bloggar and moving them one at a time. Painful and totally inefficient. I’ll let you know as soon as I figure it out.

    Lucy Zoe

  5. Mackenzie on March 31st, 2008

    Wow, I wrote “you’re” when I meant “your.” God’s keeping me humble today….

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