No Story So Divine

The Good Friday service is very difficult for me. I’ve learned to wear waterproof mascara and shove plenty of tissues in my purse. I’m especially susceptible to hymns that remind me of how unworthy I am of the sacrifice Christ made – not just for me, but for the whole world.

I’ve given up trying to pretend I’m not crying. And the truth is, all the hymns have words that would melt even the hardest of hearts. I am particularly vulnerable because of all the grace that’s been extended to me. So not tears of sorrow…tears of thankfulness that overflow from my heart.

My Song Is Love Unknown

Here might I stay and sing,
No story so devine!
Never was love, dear King,
Never was grief like Thine.

This is my Friend,
In Whose sweet praise
I all my days
Could gladly spend!

Being reminded of how His suffering is a small sacrifice I can willingly endure. Thankfully, I know the end of the story. Christ has Risen and He is the King!

Five years ago…


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