Google If You Got ‘Em

The March issue of Fast Company showed me a side of Google I didn’t know existed. The truth is, I would still have a crush on Google even if I hadn’t read the article. They take good care of me.

How did I stay in touch with the blogosphere before Google Reader ? I didn’t. I rarely found time to click on all the links and I lost touch with so many people. If you’re reading blogs and you’re not using Google Reader (or something equivalent) you’re wasting a lot of time. But there’s …

Where would I be without my Gmail ? Easy to load when you’re halfway across the world using dial-up and it’s got a pretty good spam catcher, too. And, I can read my Gmail on my “Q” phone. But there’s …

It all fits so nicely on my iGoogle page. My Gmail and Google Reader sit sweetly on my iGoogle page. I picked a calming theme that changes throughout the day, added a calendar widget, a post-it-note widget, and a bookmark widget for my the “really” important links. I don’t have to fetch my stuff…it just comes right to me. How sweet is that?

Hi! My name is Zoe and I’m addicted to Google.


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