SA Kenneth Hosey and Client 9’s Dirty Little Secret

Tonight I read through the criminal complaint against The Emperor’s Club VIP and the four people alleged to have run it. As a result of the investigation, Client 9 (allegedly the Governor of New York) had his “meeting” detailed for all the world to see. Based on the pages and pages of info provided by SA Kenneth Hosey (FBI), it didn’t appear that they were targeting Client 9, just that he stepped in to the web and got stuck. I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong before.

I’m not excusing Client 9’s (alleged) actions, nor am I interested in following the case. It is was it is – Client 9 will have his day in court. But good grief, Agent Hosey was working overtime. The guy typed up 55 pages of AKA’s, dates, times, and more. You should check out his outline.

In his application for a warrant (pg. 9), Hosey says: “I have been a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (*FBI*) for approximately twelve years. During that period, I have participated in investigations involving surveillance, undercover transactions, the introduction of undercover agents, debriefings of informants, and reviews of recorded conversations and documents. I have also participated in numerous arrests.

He’s a busy guy. I wonder if he surfs the internet on his break? I wonder if he’s ever had lunch with Senior Agent Jack Malone? Ha! I hope they give Hosey a much needed vacation. Most of the attention for this case will go to Client 9…I just thought Hosey deserved a little attention.


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