My Big Fat Greek Adventure – Part III

Monday morning my Mom and I visited the outdoor market and bought a few gifts. We dropped of our goods and grabbed a bus to go shopping at Hondo Center. The day was beautiful and I couldn’t help but break out the capri’s and flip-flops. One block away from Honda Center I stepped on some uneven pavement and did serious damage to my ankle. Thus our shopping day was ended. We hopped in a taxi and went home. My ankle is swollen and hurts like the hot place. Mary, sweet Mary, went and bought me a pair of crutches so I’m able to move around. This is not my first ankle event. In fact, it is my fourth. Twice fractured. My Uncle Paul, a surgeon, had a look at it and told me to stay off of it and get an X-ray to check for a fracture.

Tuesday I had scheduled my final visit to Basilopoulos, a supermarket where I could buy Greek ingredients. My Mom tried to get me to give her a list, but I insisted on making the trip – only five or six blocks from our house. My Mom pulled the little shopping cart (I want one) and I schlumped along on my crutches. How many Happy Hippos fit in a suitcase?

Tuesday evening we went to dinner at my Uncle Costa’s home. His wife Lela made a lovely meal of Beef and potato Yiahnia (onions, cinnamon, and tomato sauce), Salad, Feta, and Spanakopita. The wine flowed. Dessert provided a plethora of options. In addition to the Saturday night crowd we were joined by my Uncle George Karrer – son of Pinio – and his wife Rena and son Titos, my cousin Leonidas Koussouri – son of Takis (Costa’s brother) son of Lionidas – and his wife Voula. I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to spend time with my family. To laugh with them, discuss politics, and to learn about my family. I especially like the conversation about bloggers. I will miss them.


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