Gate A37

So…the British Airways flight that crashed at London Heathrow caused a bit of a nightmare. Over 200 flights were cancelled, thus causing a giant ripple effect. Needless to say, our flight out of Denver was delayed, which caused us to miss our flight out of London to Greece. Seems there are no flights out of London to Greece after noon. I’m guessing it’s because Greeks love their naps and can’t be bothered with incoming passengers.

My body is humming from the effects of dramamine. The ground flight attendant at the British Airways gate, not a British guy – huge disappointment, told me he had to stop taking dramamine and it took him one full year of losing his lunch to get used to flying without it. Like that’s enough to motivate me.

We’re sitting at Gate A37 right next to one of those moving sidewalks. The darn thing is making a ticking noise and standing on my last nerve. You know it’s bad if it penetrated my dramamine fog.

Mom’s reading a book and I’m happy because I get really fast internet service here. The Cingular bars turn in to a 3G with flames. Now that’s what I call service. Oooh! A handsome man just went by on the moving sidewalk. It’s a beautiful thing.

Next To Naked Through Security

My Mom and I made it through the security checkpoint without having to remove all our clothes. I can’t figure out why the security people have to be so dour. Surely smiling won’t limit their ability to do their job.

We made it to our gate and found the place empty. I spotted an electrical outlet tp plug in my laptop and charge my battery, and my Mom helped me move the wall of seats closer to the window seat so we could put our feet up and relax…and blog.

Forty-five more minutes and I’m swallowing dramamine…and the world as I know it will change.

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