If I Close My Eyes Right Now

My flight arrived very late on Friday night. My brother made the journey to get me and deliver me to home. My head finally hit the pillow at 3:00am on Saturday. When the phone rang later that day, I woke up and didn’t remember where I was or whether it was night or day.

For some reason, my internal clock is malfunctioning. It’s Tuesday and I still haven’t slept through the night. I force myself to stay awake until bedtime. I was thumbing through Bobby Flay’s latest cookbook when my alarm went off this morning. I got up and turned it off, then crawled back in to bed to get warm and promptly fell asleep.

I called the office and told Laura I finally got three hours sleep and that I’d be in a little late. Needless to say, I’m sitting at my desk, my eyes are fighting the urge to slam shut, and if I close them ever so slightly I’m sure sleep will come. Okay…time to go put on an a fresh pot of coffee and power through.


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