Play Ball…

If you missed the first game played by the newly formed Christ Church Men’s softball team, well shame on you.

Chelsea, Amanda, Magnus, and I arrived at Ghormley Park just in time to catch the second inning. The score was representative of a football game (2-12). It must have been an exciting first inning for the guys from the Plantation Bar.

Keep in mind, you’re getting a *female* view of this game. So don’t expect stats or a play-by-play. The Christ Church guys wore royal blue jerseys with two “C’s” embroidered over the pocket. They obviously gave no thought to coordinating clothing below the jerseys, which resulted in a variation of colors and lengths of pants. Their opponents; however, all had coordinating beer bellies.

The other team was slower off the base but had nothing lacking in their swings. A highlight of the game occurred when someone hit a ball in the air, it was caught, and the guy on first tagged up and sprinted to second base. The big guy playing second base was convinced no human could run that fast, so he loudly claimed the runner left the bag early. Nathan Wilson, in his heckling voice yelled, “He’s safe, he just runs faster than you.” Oh yeah! Bring it on.

We left before the game was over, but I learned the final score was 27-12 in favor of the Plantation Bar. Nevertheless, the Christ Church team looks good. Perhaps some batting practice and a pitching change is all they need. Oh, and matching pants.

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Last night, my friend Jenny joined me in the kitchen. Her husband, Toby, was in town training to be a baker. We were joined by a very unruly puppy who insisted on licking Jenny’s exposed toes and playing hide-n-seek beneath her long, denim skirt.

Wednesday nights in my house are reserved for two things: Canon lunch preparation and The West Wing. Last night Jenny and I cooked Chinese food, which requires most of the ingredients to be chopped, diced, minced, or grated. Needless to say, the counters were covered with prep bowls of every size.

Jenny prepared the beef mixture then patiently spooned it in to the buttery, filo packets. Pinching the edges together proved to be a rather time-consuming job, but she hung in there like a champion. We turned on the oven and cooked a few to make sure they were edible. Oh, so yummy!

I’m excited to say I figured out the plot to The West Wing last night before they had a chance to unravel it. Jenny was there to witness my hole-in-one. I then proceeded to “wow” her by delivering a line before the character did. Next week is another new episode–the kidnapping. Can’t miss that.

I walked Jenny home just in time to greet Toby as he arrived fully floured from the bakery. My phone rang two seconds after I got back in to the house. It was Jenny and Toby bringing over freshly baked food items. I love my neighbors.

The Canon lunch went well. You were right Paula, the Orange Rice Pudding was not a good choice for dessert. The chanting went something like this, “We want Chelsea! We want Chelsea!” Mr. Gibbs said, “That orange blossomy pudding stuff was not your glory.” Oh well. There’s always room for change. And Jenny…you’re welcome in my kitchen anytime.

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