A Celebration of Gabriel Bucer

A year ago today, I became an aunt to Gabriel. Doug and Paula kept his name a secret from all of us, so I called him Araphaxad for six months prior to his birth. I also call him the “Bonus Baby.” God, in all His wisdom, knew we needed Gabe in our lives. For me, Gabe is an unexpected pleasure of the most lovely kind.

Gabe is the ninth member of the Magnificent Nine. He’s a man of few words: ball, dog, ma ma, uh oh, and hot. He has two little bottom teeth and a few poking through his top gums. If you want to hold Gabe, you must first pry him out of the arms of one of his siblings. Now and then, on his squirrely days, they are likely to toss him to me and then run away to be free of him.

Moving to Idaho meant I would get to spend time with the Idaho Joneses. I sure never expected to be here for a new Jones kid. Though I know Gabe is not my personal gift from God, it often feels like it. Feeling his sweet, warm breath on my cheek as he’s sleeping is a precious memory I’ll have forever. I don’t even mind changing his diapers. I find few family members are interested in him when he’s stinky.

Gabe is a very fortunate little boy. He is surrounded by love and wonderful examples of godliness. I look forward to watching him grow and change in to a future man. I will kiss his cheeks as often as possible and remind him that I changed his diaper with joy. And I will thank my Father for the gift of Gabriel. Happy Birthday Gabe! May this year of your life bring you a new way to communicate, new adventures that don’t include stairs or knives, and strong legs to carry you to my house so I can kiss your belly. Your Aunt Lucy


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