Hangin’ With the Jones Boys

Tonight I’m hangin’ out at home watching movies with my nephews, Mac (11) and Eric (7). Gabe (11mo.) is sound sound asleep in the other room and Magnus (15wks.) is in his cage snoring like an old man. We started out watching Samurai Jack. There were some very strange characters in the cartoon. A really huge red-headed Scot wearing a kilt. His biceps were bigger than his thighs. The second bizarre character was this Southern soldier pig that told his troops to shoot by saying, “bangity, bang, bang, bang.” His speech was otherwise totally unitelligible. Now we’re watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. There’s a mastiff in the movie named Fang. The mandrakes, screaming baby-like plants, were really freaky. Malfoy’s father is kinda sexy for a white guy. We’ll be talking with British accents for the next two days. Oooh, Eric just fell asleep. It’s just me and Mac (the Bonhom Boxing winner in fight number 18. He kicked butt. Thatta boy!)

A Celebration of Daniel

Twenty one years ago today I became an Aunt. Not just “any” Aunt—Daniel’s Aunt. As his birth was imminent, he stubbornly refused to pass through the canal until the Doctor threatened to cut him out. I don’t know how, but Daniel knew it was time to give up all resistance or perhaps it was simply an answer to prayer.

I was sitting in the hospital waiting room, with my Mom (Anna Jones) and friend Kim (Botsford) Dupont, passing the time praying and cutting out paper Easter bunnies for a Sunday school class, (that’s a story best forgotten) when my brother (in-law), Neville, came out to announce Daniel’s arrival and my sister, Berta Isabel, was safe and sound. The moment I held Daniel I was overcome with awe. Despite the fact I’d held, fed, changed, jiggled, and kissed a plethora of babies, nothing could have prepared me for the gift of Daniel.

It’s been a joy to watch Daniel attack life with a zeal that refuses to accept mediocrity. With Daniel, it’s all or nothing. Unfortunately, on more than one occasion, he’s had to choke down large portions of “all” and weep over the emptiness of “nothing.” But through it all he’s displayed an enviable strength. While he hasn’t always been faithful to his baptism, there is no doubt in my mind he has been covered and protected by the gracious and merciful Living God.

Daniel possesses a unique sense of humor, a big ol’ brain, an endless well of creativity, a handsome face, a heart the size of Texas, bad taste in music, a love for my cooking, a top made out of rubber and a bottom made out of springs. It’s so hard for me to believe he’s old enough to get married. It seems like I just put a pacifier in his mouth and jiggled him to sleep. Nevertheless, he’s found the love of his life, Mary, and he’s tying the knot in October. Lord willing, he will be the first of the Magnificent Nine to make a Grandaunt out of me.

The Lord bless you on this your birthday Daniel. May you remain faithful to your baptism and trust in God to help you remain faithful. May this year of your life be filled with unexpected successes and overwhelming joy. Happy Birthday sweet Daniel. I love you with a love I didn’t know I possessed until you were born and I am thankful for the gift of your life. Your Aunt Lucy

Dog Envy – He’s Got to be Kidding

Here’s an excerpt from an email I received from a *single* guy: “I also am rather envious of single women’s pets due to the love, attention and affection which their owners prodigally squander on them while nice single men such as myself are lonely and emotionally deprived (emotional deprivation is a major issue with me due to growing up that way). For this reason I cannot countenance pets (although a reptile is not much of a threat in terms of competition for scarce emotional resources).”

Last night, when I kissed the top of Magnus’ head before I tucked him safely away for the night, I chuckled as I remembered this email. Magnus sleeps in a cage, eats tastless hard crunchy food, isn’t allowed to sit on the furniture, is forbidden to jump on me, and wears nothing but a green collar. What does the silly man envy? Something tells me if I gave equal attention to the silly man, he would not be excited to see me when I came home, or look forward to eating, and I wouldn’t get showered with wet, sloppy kisses. Yeah. I’m keeping the dog!

I Hope You Have a Child Just Like You

Well…Mom got her wish. Little did she know it would come in the form of Magnus. Never in my life have I encountered such a strong willed little fellow. He’s not your average kid by *any* stretch of the imagination. In his fifteen weeks of life, he’s learned to sleep through the night, feed himself, take out the trash, and pick up shoes. Okay, so he takes out the trash and distributes it all over the kitchen floor, but only after shredding it in to a million little pieces. And, he picks up shoes and hides them, but only after attempting the shredding process. Nevertheless, he’s won my heart -and- managed to make me say “NO” and “Bad Boy” more times than I can count. Magnus is an Old English Mastiff with an apricot colored coat, a dark black mask, a slobbery tongue, and the cutest eyes you’ve ever seen. With the addition of Magnus to my household, I am confronted with the sins of my youth. Was I really that stubborn? Did I talk back as much as he does? Did I demand attention? Was I relentless in my pursuit of dangerous stuff? Did my Mother want to give me away to the gypsies? Was I totally adorable? If so, then I have a child just like me.

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