You Can’t Put That On Your Blog AL

Last night I picked up my nieces from Italian class, taught by the oh-so-talented Mrs. MacKenzie Miller. On the way home, I questioned Chelsea about something and she revealed a hilarious thing she had done. Well, she didn’t think it was hilarious; but I did. I quickly made a mental note to post it on my blog. Two seconds later, Chelsea looked at me with her big, brown eyes and said, “You can’t put that on your blog AL.” I chuckled and promised not to post it; however, I made it very clear the promise didn’t apply to *all* of our conversations. In unision, Chelsea and Amanda responded with a four-syllable, four-toned, synchronized rendition of my name, that only twins can deliver with such perfection. It shows great talent if you can do all that with just two letters – AL.


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